Wax Oiling

Specialists in Wax Oil Treatment for your vehicles

Harsh winters, road salts and severe weather conditions all contribute to rust damage on your vehicle. By coating the vulnerable areas in a protective blend of oil, wax, corrosion inhibitors and water reducing agents, you can help slow the process of vehicular decay.

Cambrian Car Care provides the treatment you need.

The Wax Oil treatment is perfect for protecting your classic car, camper van, or everyday run-about. Cambrian Car Care Ltd (CCC) uses leading brands to ensure a quality, smooth finish, including Wurth and CarPlan Tetroseal.

Feeling a little rusty?

Rust spreads quickly and treatment is essential as soon as you spot any signs on your vehicle. Treating your classic car or camper van will save you both money, and heartache, in the long run.

Our Wax Oil treatment process follows four easy steps, listed below:

1. Clean
Your vehicle will be cleaned by our environmentally friendly Steam Green Systems power wash.

2. Dry Check
Once the vehicle is dry, our specialists will check for any lose debris and remove any found. Removing lose rust allows for a more effective process.

3. External Application
Our technicians will proceed to apply Wax Oil to relevant external areas.

4. Internal Application
The final steps include carefully filling any internal or chassis cavity areas. If some areas require further treatment, our technicians will drill and fill, after consulting with you.

The process normally takes two working days to complete, dependent on workload and weather conditions. We also collect and deliver vehicles on request, to smooth the process.

Pricing will vary, dependent on vehicle size and preparation time required. For internal door panels/engine bay Wax Oil treatment, quotations will be made on vehicle inspection.

High pressure treatment ensures a smooth and even finish on all vehicle surfaces. Interior cavity and underside cross members are coated using special compressor wands.

Wax Oil Treatment helps maximise the lifespan of your car, caravan or motorhome. CCC mainly treats motorhomes and caravans, but everyday/classic car treatment is also available! Larger vehicles can also be treated with 4x4’s proving to be popular clients. Our 25 ton 4xPost lift allows us to cater to vehicles of any shape, size or weight.

Save the pain of playing catch-up later and stop the start of rust today, with CCC’s Wax Oil treatment service!


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