Electrical & Diagnostics

Just some of the electrical work covered includes:

  • Starter Motors
  • Alternators
  • All types of car alarms and car immobilisers
  • Dashboards and gauges
  • Car Battery
  • Ignition
  • Electronic pumps/motors
  • Heater blowers
  • In-car Entertainment
  • Sensors (engine/chassis/brake/steering)

Computer plug-in – On most modern cars there are sockets and terminals, into which we can plug our diagnostic tools. Within seconds, the car's computer and our computer are able to transfer information and any faults are reported using Diagnostic Fault Codes. This new electronic method of fault detection is much more efficient than testing each component or circuit individually, and this means that faults can be rectified quicker and at a lower cost than was previously the case. Cambrian car care has the latest snapon diagnostic equipment and all our diagnostic work is carried out to the highest specifications. 


Electrical fault finding- we have the latest diagnostic equipment where we can test suspect electrical parts, for example we have a tool that can test ignition coil packs in seconds, the device determines strength of the spark and if it’s constant, not intermittent (Misfire).


Immobiliser- if you are experiencing any problems for example, key fob not working or vehicle loosing its key code we can cater for most makes and models.